Sunday, 13 November 2011

Captain's Blog, Earthdate 2011.11.13

So this is it, my very first blog.  My wife believes that I should share my wit & wisdom with the outside world - either that, or she may no longer wish to suffer alone.

So, should I write about the competence or otherwise of the local Council, the irony of the authorities of St Paul's having legal difficulties with tent-dwellers (Paul of the Bible having been both a lawyer AND a tent-maker in his time) or the iniquities of the Press Barons ...   Nah - plenty of that elsewhere - plus, just like the Poor, the Idiots will always be with us and present plenty of future opportunities.  Most days, in fact.

Instead I will regale you with an account of taking my 14-year-old son to see a local rugby club match.  Going to school in South Wales, I was a slight lad.  As soon as the opportunity to choose distance running instead of rugby came, I went for it!  Not so much an antipathy towards rugby as a desire to survive!  I've always followed National games and was delighted to see Wales play so very well this year and, even when they lost, the team lost magnificently.

I digress, back to the match yesterday.  Hard-fought, with passion and commitment on both sides, the local team and one from the next county played very creditably.  The referee was from another town to ensure impartiality.  Just before half-time there was an accidental clash between two players, leaving both on the ground for some minutes and one still on crutches (but smiling) over an hour later.  So far, so good.

For the second half, the two of us went to stand just behind one touchline.  The touch judge (these days termed an "assistant referee") was not of the imported variety, and obviously held a very strong affiliation to the local team.  Notwithstanding his role as a neutral official, his shouts of "C'mon ref, are you f***ing blind?" and "Go on, f***ing smack 'im one!" formed every bit as much a part of the afternoon's entertainment as the play itself.  For the record my local team won by two points, but honours equal on both sides by my reckoning.

Before bidding adieu from the rugby match, let me quote from the official programme.  With regard to the visiting team:  [they visit] "for the first time in many a year, the last encounter being away during a wintry day when a frozen pitch forced all activities indoors.  Needless to say it was an enjoyable event".

So it shows that just "winning" isn't everything.  Maybe a lesson for our Politicians, Churchmen and Journalists after all!  But not the Lawyers or the Bankers - they're beyond redemption!

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