Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What a difference a character makes

As a newcomer to blogging, I can see how someone can get addicted to rambling on about odd subjects - I suppose that's what turns a single-posting BTwig into a real BLog.  And that got me thinking about a wonderful letter I saw published:

One individual's reaction to a certain fast-food-corporation's registering of the Mc prefix, thus separating the Real McCoy from those who are simply Coy, was to claim ownership of the letter 'e'.  He would make it available for personal and educational use free of charge, but otherwise any commercial use would attract a royalty of 0.001p per time.

My first reaction was to consider registering a proprietory interest in the B-prefix, but on reflection I would happily levy a fairly swinging charge on the use of the zero character for Bankers' bonuses, Lawyers' fees and MPs' expense claims, with a "rounding clause" to prevent the inevitable £9,999,999.99 that would creep in otherwise.  Not that all these are bad people - it's the 98% who give the rest a bad name!

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