Saturday, 26 November 2011

'Tis said that everybody has a book inside them!

In my case it was a copy of the Beano, at the age of 6.  Fortunately the staples were well down and the doctors didn't have to perform invasive procedures.  Now you know why Readers Digest was printed smaller and with the glued spine, suitable for a more mature audience.

What drives people to write down their experiences, thoughts and desires?  Blogs that vary from the insightful to the inane:  "Had Pizza for lunch."  "Might go down the shops later!"  Basically, tweets without the size limit.

Is it fanciful to think that, had Blogs been available to earlier generations, we might have had glimpses into the minds of some of individuals who shaped our cultures and histories?

Albert Einstein:  Had some exciting ideas about the structure of the atom.  Early days - don't want to get things blown up out of all proportion!

Ludwig van Beethoven:  Feeling a bit restless today, maybe there's a storm coming.

Franz Schubert:  I really must get round to finishing my new Symphony!

Alexandros of Antioch:  Got a commission to sculpt a life-size Venus today.  Customer happy so long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

Alexander the Great:  I'm told Asia Minor is nice at this time of year.

Any suggestions to what famous (or lesser-known) characters in history would have published?  If so, post a reply.  I'm afraid these days we have our Great and Good tweeting and blogging in greater numbers than ever.  The usual question, though, is not so much "What are they thinking?" as "What were they thinking?"  Hey ho!

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